20 English Idiom yang Berkaitan dengan Succes atau Kejayaan

20 English Idiom yang Berkaitan dengan Succes atau Kejayaan


20 English Idiom yang Berkaitan dengan Succes atau Kejayaan

Perkongsian kali ini sangat menarik kerana kami nak berikan kepada anda 20 senarai idiom atau peribahasa bahasa inggeris yang berkaitan dengan kejayaan. Penggunaan idioms ini sebenarnya banyak digunakan di dalam sesi pembelajaran dan sesuai juga ditampal di dalam kelas untuk berikan kata-kata semangat kepada murid. Jadi semoga ianya bermanfaat.

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Senarai 20 Idiom Berkaitan dengan Kejayaan

1. ace a test

obtain a high score

“If you ace your English test you can go to the party” said her parents.

2. be in the bag

success is evident

Victory seems to be in the bag for the Conservatives.

3. be on the crest of a wave

very successful

Our products are very successful. We’re on the crest of a wave right now.

4. be on the up and up

increasingly successful

The architect has been on the up and up since he designed  a building in Dubai.

5. come/ turn up trumps

get unexpectedly good results

Against all expectations, our team came up trumps in the cup final.

6. have the world at your feet

extremely successful and greatly admired

The talented young actress has the world at her feet.

7. with flying colours

do something successful

My daughter passed the entrance exam with flying colours. I’m so proud of her.

8. got it made

be happy and successful

With a happy family life, a new house and a super job, Sam’s got it made.

9. hit pay dirt

be lucky and make money

Charlie finally hit pay dirt with his lastest invention.

10. make a killing

have great financial success

Jack made a killing on the stock market.

11. riding high

enjoying a period of success

He’s been riding high since the success of his last film.

12. sail through

succeed without difficulty

The English test was no problem for Pedro. He sailed through it.

13. alive and kicking

continue to be well, healthy or successful

Classical music is still alive and kicking among youngsters.

14. back the wrong horse

support someone or something that later cannot be successful

Don’t back the wrong horse! You know he cannot win the elections.

15. be dead in the water

something is unsuccessful and it seems impossible that it will be successful in the future

The whole economy is dead in the water.

16. bear fruit

yield successful results

He thinks his new plan will undoubtedly bear fruit.

17. count one’s chickens before they hatch

assume success too early, before it is certain

It’s too soon to cry victory. Don’t count your chicken before they hatch!

18. dead loss

something described as a dead loss is absolutely unsuccessful or useless

When it comes to math, my sisiter is a dead loss.

19. make the cut

succeed at something

She worked hard to make the cut in the competition.

20. make headway

achieve progress

Scientists made very little headway against cancer.

21. make a go of

attempt to make a success of

Ali made a go of the new business after resignning his job.

22. make inroads into

succeed in getting something started

Our company has made inroads into the UK market.